Other International Golf Holidays

At last count, there were 206 countries in the world with at least one golf course. Now that’s what we call incentive to travel!

If you're heading to Europe there are some stunning courses and golf regions you can consider, such as Valderama on southern Spain’s Costa del Golf (Sol). And Le Golf National outside Paris (host of the 2018 Ryder Cup) is arguably the best course on the European Tour schedule.

If you are heading to Europe, you could always consider breaking up the long haul by stopping off for some sun, shopping and world-class desert golf in either Dubai or Abu Dhabi!

Travelling west to the Americas (but outside of the US) opens up the natural wonders - and golfing wonders - of Canada, with over 2400 courses from which to choose, including two of the world’s best in Cabot Cliffs and Cabot Links. Mexico and The Dominican Republic are relative newcomers to the destination golf scene, but now offer visually breathtaking courses alongside world-beating holiday resorts.

And, of course, the Asia Pacific Region has some absolute gems, including Vietnam, China, Thailand, Fiji and more, where you can enjoy a mix of great golf and luxury relaxation.

The golfing opportunities throughout the world are endless, and can be somewhat overwhelming, but while figuring out where to go might be a tough decision, choosing The Golf Travel Agency to help organise your next golf holiday is an easy decision that will make organising your holiday effortless.

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